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What is a Website ?

A Website is a collection of Publicly Accessible Information like Documents, Scripts, Videos, Audios, Images, Content, Files which are accessed through Internet and Combining all web pages under one Single Domain, the First Page is known as Homepage.  Websites are New Age Visiting Card or a Brochure.

Websites are Created in every industry, Education, Sports, Business, Finance, Science etc.,

World’s First Website Was launched in August 6, 1991 by British Physicist TIM Berners-Lee. From the Beginning till Now, june 2018. We have Approximately 1.89 billion website available on the Planet Earth.

Types of Websites:

Basically we have two types

  1. Static.
  2. Dynamic.


Static Web Design are coded in HTML and CSS. The site code  are always fixed and if you want change the text or image, you need a developer or a designer.  It has very limited functionality and usage of static sites are decreasing day by day. The Cost is comparably lower than Dynamic, most of the Small Scale business owners use these kind of websites. Web Design in Chennai for Static Starts from Rs.2,500 onwards/-


Information on the pages changes dynamically, for example Images, Videos, Comments, Content. Dynamic sites will access the information from Databases and then transfer it to Browser. It can be written in PHP, Servlet, JSP, ASP.NET. Developing these sites takes time for initial setup and cost money.

But updating is easy, flexible and cheap too. WordPress is the largest CMS platforms, which host around 70% of all websites. In Recent Years Website Designers in Chennai are lucratively working on dynamic websites for Best UX and Regular Upgradation. Some Examples are Blogs, E-commerce etc.,  Web Design in Chennai for Dynamic  Starts from Rs 5,000 onwards/-

Types of Websites Based on Design, Functionality & Purpose :

Depending Upon the Category Web Developer in Chennai does the creation based on customers needs. The Basic One will have 5 to 7 pages, which is good for small business enterprises and owners. Finally, we do have a Bigger one like Blogs, E-Commerce, Gaming etc., Lets Start with the Types of Websites and its purpose.

Following are the types – Basic, Blog oriented, E-Commerce, Business Directory, Classified, Forum / Community, Job Portal, Social Media, Audio & Video Streaming websites.

Basic / Business Websites:

A Basic or a Business Web pages come in two types, either it can be static or dynamic. Basically, they will have basic information about your business. These kind of websites are very useful for small enterprises, Business owners, Consultants and Freelancers too. The Web Designer or Developer will show you the template design and get the Confirmation from you. This kind will be low cost and give you high exposure for your customers. Comparable using SEO Strategies on this website is easy than big blogs, e-commerce, forum, job portals

Basic / Business Websites

Bergmount Offer Pricing
  • Company Logo
  • 5 to 7 pages
  • Local Seo

Blog – Content Oriented Development 

Blogging is like a Cash Cow Business Model, personally, I have witnessed people who made millions of rupees just by Blogging. Blogging CMS is Similar to Basic Dynamic Website. WordPress is one of the best platforms and around 90 % of bloggers use it. Creating blogging sites are easy. They are commonly used in Knowledge Transfer Industry.

In Recent Times, Small Business Enterprises, Consultant and Freelancers are using blogging more than before. Blogging will Increase the Domain Authority and Page Authority of a Business Domains. This will increase the SEO Page Rank of the Business Web Page.  As a Result, even small owners are integrating Blogs into their websites to increase Traffic.

Because of Online Survival, these small business owners started to blog locally to balance their Page Rank in Local Level

Blogging / CMS

Bergmount Offer Pricing
  • Responsive Design
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited SEO Keywords

E-Commerce Website Development

E-Commerce Web Development is entirely different from other types. E-Commerce web portals should be fully performance oriented. People who search for Product will expect faster loading speed, hence the loading speed should be in between 2.00 to 3.50 seconds as per Google Page Speed Insights.

Due to the increasing number of mobile usability in India, top SEO Specialist and Tech Geeks suggest us to maintain reasonable loading Speed for Better User Experience.

During the Development of E-Commerce Website, our professional website designers in chennai worked hard to give better performance. The Below Image is the Live result of our Existing Customer Avtodock – Carwash Company based in Chennai. We have Achieved the Score of 90+ on Mobile and Desktop Medium.

Because of Security Purpose Payment Gateway’s all over the world started to insist Secured Connection for Every E-Commerce Websites. i.e instead of http://www.bergmount.in, you should Encrypt a Secured Connection at https://www.bergmount.in . If an E-Commerce portal failed to encrypt the secured connection, the payment gateway will bar the Service on your business. Hence SSL is Must.

Learn More about Website Types (click here) through Leading Website Designing Company in Chennai


Bergmount Offer Pricing
  • Responsive & HTTPS
  • Unlimited Products
  • Free Payment Gateway

Web Hosting and It’s Types

Bergmount offers you variety of Domain Hosting, some of them are

  1. Shared Hosting.
  2. Cloud Server.
  3. Dedicated Server &  (VPS)..

Shared Hosting : Hosting multiple domain in one server is known as Shared Hosting. As a Website owner owner you never know who else is hosting on this server. It’s a Common name for Newbie’s, because hosting your domain on Shared Hosting is Easy and Cheap. Similarly every domain owner’s will have a limit like I/O usage, Disk Space etc., Hence, if the traffic exceeds the limits the server provide will bar the service. For Small Enterprises, shared hosting is a great deal. 

Cloud Hosting: Cloud Servers are getting popular in recent years because of this fast performance. These are Virtual server and runs on Cloud Computing Platforms. This category comes under Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). From small business owners to high tech companies are slowing migrating to cloud based computing to get 2x faster result. Above all it gives you flexibility, you are  billed based on the usage 

Dedicated Server: This is final one and there is nothing further more to this. If you are running a E-Commerce or Big Organization, dedicated servers are the best. From SEO perspective google will Index only two web pages for a single keyword from One Dedicated IP. We never know about our neighbors Keywords in Shared Platforms.

Hence Dedicated Servers are always ultimate for Faster Performance, Best SEO and 100% Secured

Looking for Domain Hosting

Bergmount Website Design in Chennai offers you at cheap price

Platform’s for Designing a Website

To Begin with, for the past 25 years, design and platform of the domain launch has changed tremendously. Currently we have around 1.89 billion web pages running online. Around 5% of Websites are live with old version (html & Css) and meanwhile 95% of Platform are changes in recent years. The below Platforms will show you how our Website Designers in Chennai is Designing through various platforms.


WordPress is the World largest CMS Web Designing Platform, undoubtedly used by 70% of business owners. WordPress is user friendly and easy to use. In Fact, you don’t need any coding knowledge to develop a basic web page. WordPress is a content oriented platform, for that reason 95% of Bloggers and Small business choose this CMS. For Website Designing you have thousands of Templates and Plugin which are already integrated inside your dashboard.

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